I met Laura and instantly felt a connection with her. She isn’t like any of the therapists I’ve ever seen. She seemed to want me to heal from my anxiety as much as I did. At first I went in based on a hope that something may work but didn’t I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I’ve been through so much therapy and nothing I experienced was like what she led me through. I almost gave up hope that I could get rid of it and I’m so glad I gave it my last shot. She helped me get rid of my anxiety amd I gained my freedom back. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help with anything. She’s the real deal.

Sherri L

I came in not knowing what to expect. My husband highly recommended Laura after seeing her himself. She helped him with PTSD he’d had since his accident 5 years ago. After seeing his progress I went, reluctantly at first. I had bad experiences in treatment from an eating disorder. She helped me find the sources and work through what was feeding my negative body image and lack of control. Sometimes it was hard but I got through it and now I get to work through other things I never thought to address since starving and binging had been my whole life. I’m forever grateful! 


I recommend Laura to anyone who’s like me and tired of being stuck and feeling controlled by their past. She helped me move on and start living a real life. It felt good to let go of everyone who hurt me and start focusing on what I care about. Life feels so much better now. 

Carrie Barnes 

I saw Laura from August 2018-November 2018.   I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck in rut and not happy where my career or relationships were going.  I knew I needed to feel more confident, assertive and powerful to achieve what I wanted and let go of all my past problems, failures and worries.  Laura led me though a therapy that I never knew! I had tried self-help books, hypnotherapy, positive thinking, listening to CDs and learning the Secret.  I tried a lot of counseling and psychics for answers.  They all helped me get better although only for short amount of time.  During and after ending my sessions everything started becoming life changing. I lost 10 pounds practically overnight without doing anything extra.  I was told I looked 25 and hadn’t changed that much since high school even though I’m in my early 50’s.  I started going after what I wanted and standing up to people that were taking advantage or treating me unfairly.  I even got a great new job and was accepted to a graduate masters program which I didn’t ever think I was smart enough to be accepted.  I started finally realizing my gifts, talents and value and decided only to work with the best clients that I could find.  I was not going to settle anymore in my career or relationships. I let go of toxic people and realized I didn’t need difficult and negative people in my social circle anymore.  I am so much more confident and self assured in every area of my life thanks to Laura!!

Lauri F

Laura is a gifted, intuitive, genuine counselor that truly cares about the individual & helping them identify, understand and work through their issues. 

She really listens to what the person means, the intent, not just the words that they say. That is so important to get at the root of any struggle & it helps to uncover things that the client might not even know is an underlying issue for them.

Hands down, the absolute best experience I’ve ever had with a counselor/therapist. I would and do recommend her to anyone seeking help/greater understanding for themselves.

Jeremy D.


Laura has an amazing ability to help others heal both mentally and physically. She is compassionate and kind enough to really listen and help solve the issues. Laura was able to help me find answers to health problems that have been plaguing me for years, including a solution to my chronic headaches and fatigue.

Laura is not only great at healing physical issues, but she also uses an innovative therapy to resolve anxiety that was very effective for me.  I would highly recommend her for both physical and cognitive difficulties.

Susan H