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Hello! I’m Laura, founder of Healing Center of Atlanta and I want to welcome you! 

If  you are looking to heal, gain relief from anxiety, experience more happiness, or want to improve your life, we are here to help you do that. 

My journey to healing and finding peace started about ten years ago. I was having trouble finishing college due to  PTSD and severe anxiety after experiencing many years of abuse. 

We’re not talking light stuff here either, we’re talking serious mental, physical, and sexual abuse. I believed I was worthless and thought the rest of the world was smarter and better than me.  

For many years, all that made me feel good was my dog, alcohol, and well, my dog. When he died, I fell apart. Drinking and partying was what got me through life and I did my best to ignore my pain and depression. The problem is, our pain never goes away until  we deal with it. 

So that’s what I finally decided to do. I wanted to be like the “rest of the world” and be happy for a change. In the beginning it was very hard. I didn’t have a place like Healing Center of Atlanta to come to so I did my best on my own. I  sat down with several therapists who didn't seem to care or really know how to help me. I was even told by one of them that I had to figure out how to heal on my own. Well, allright! I stood up, walked out, and that’s what I did. 

I had to start forgiving myself  and others, looking at myself, and finally allowing myself to talk to other people about what I had gone through. The problem was, I was doing it all by myself and I really did need some help. It was taking years and I was still unhappy and engaging in self  sabotaging habits.

A  major shift took place in my life when a mentor of mine told me about specialized schools around the world that model their curriculum after leading scientists (like Dr. Rudolph Tanzi), and achieve major success in mental healing. Built on the foundation of  TimeLine Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and even a unique form of Hypnotherapy, these schools teach us how the brain works to formulate our emotions, addictions, and habits, while most importantly teach us the techniques to HEAL them. I started researching  and found one here in the U.S. led by Dr. Tad James.

I thought, hmm, I’m doing my best here but still hanging on by a thread most days hoping for a miracle, so what do I have to lose? I took off to the west coast to learn from Dr. James and not only was able  to learn techniques that completely change lives, 

I came back as a totally different person! I experienced real healing and rather quickly, for the first time in my life. Since then, nothing has been the same. I’m very confident in myself, no longer fall into  abusive relationships, healed my body physically, no more weight fluctuations, barely drink alcohol (because being sober now feels good), and my symptoms from PTSD have greatly diminished. 

Looking back on the past now feels neutral, no longer painful. For  the last five years, I have had the honor of bringing this healing to my clients and I get to enjoy watching their amazing transformations. As humans we have a need to be understood, loved, and really heard. It’s not just the techniques that heal, it’s having  a person who cares at your side while you do it. 

Here at Healing Center of Atlanta, we have our own stories; what we’ve been through, the beauty of our journeys, and the happiness we are now able to bring to others because of these journeys. If you are in need of  us, we are here for you too. 

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