I met Laura Mangham by chance at a little outdoor cafe in Roswell, as we spoke I learned of her therapy practice. This was not the typical talk therapy! As I had attempted talk therapy in the past and was not feeling successful, her method of guiding to a specific memory and putting me ‘in the moment’ opened up a world of different prospective! My anxiety and anguish were replaced with a calmness and clarity I had not experienced in many years. This is how therapy should be! Instead of dreading each session I looked forward to a new discovery and ways to challenge the mental circle I was in. Laura was always available and supportive. Highly recommend her practice.   

Lisa H.  Roswell GA


I met Laura, we had a brief chat and I immediately wanted to work with her. We quickly identified what to tackle first and Laura was there to guide me to releasing ancient beliefs. I actually had a surreal physical response that she navigated me through. I look forward to working on other blocks and beliefs that no longer serve me. The shift is real!



Prior to seeing Laura Mangham I was very reluctant to see any kind of therapist or counselor due to negative experiences in the past.  I had a troubled childhood which landed me in many therapists office at a young age and also in a outdoor treatment center where therapy was a daily routine.  I pretty much swore off therapists for life at a young age.  

My spouse actually started seeing Laura for self development and therapy.  She kept suggesting Laura but I really had no interest although I knew I could benefit at this point in my life.  After seeing my spouse come home happy and recharged for about a month I decided to get out of my comfort zone and give Laura a chance.

Laura was very open and understanding and I felt safe in her presence.  Laura was able to help me through non traditional type counseling and techniques for healing.  I experienced major self growth and healing.  Seeing Laura also helped me as an Athlete learn new ways to cope with pressure and anxiety and she helped me develop into a better competitor.  Laura also helped me and my spouse through couples counseling to develop better communication skills.  

I highly recommend Laura Mangham and I am extremely grateful to her for her help.

Denise H